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Rules of golf according to the rules of Pirate Golf Game.

Pirate Golf Rules – step by step!

See the game step by step in pdf document.

Pirate Golf Rules PDF
  1. At the beginning of the game the player can have maximum 14 clubs in the bag.
  2. A player can have 2 or more of the same clubs, but it’s important not to have more than 14 clubs.
  3. Players starting the game must have the same amount of clubs in the bag.
  4. Each player picks one club that is his treasure – after losing single round opponent can’t take it.
  5. Player during the game can only play his clubs which remained in his bag.
  1. During the game, we count the number of strokes as the standard game – stroke play – according to the rules that apply to the golf course
  2. Players play duels on each hole.
  3. The winner is the person who performed on hole the least amount of strokes
  4. The player who won a single hole with opponent bags takes 1 club and put it into his bag. The exception is the opponents treasure club.
  5. The player who lost the round, but does not want to give his club away, can challenge the opponent to fight according to the rules described in section #3
  6. Draw – if the game ends in a tie, no one wins and no one loses the hole. Players move to the next tee.
  7. You challenged your opponent to fight and win the fight – it is a tie (point 2.f.)
  8. You challenged opponent and lost the fight – lose second club. 1 club for every defeat in this round.
  9. You challenged and won the fight, take 2 clubs from your opponent.
  10. If a player uses another players club, one penalty stroke will be added.
  1. Players can choose from two types of battles: “HOT SHOT” or quick
    duel called “B-QUICK”
  2. HOT SHOT – If you have time, and will not block other players, we recommend this method of play.
    1. The player who won the last hole and was challenged to fight, selects the type of impact (chipping or putting) and the place from where you start the game,
    2. The player whose ball lands closest to the pin wins challange
    3. If both balls fall in to the hole, or will end up the same distance you draw (point 2f.)
  3. B-QUICK – if you know the game rock / paper / scissors you know how to play it. 1.2.3 and you know who is the winner.
    1. If both players show the same symbol, repeat the game.
  1. When 4 people are playing that they are divided into 2 pairs of players. Couples can choose according to their handicaps. 1 of 2, and 3 of 4
  2. The group of players can be mixed up after every round. After the end of the hole, but before the next tee, new players are divided into pairs – according to the result obtained on the last hole player 1 with 2 and 3 with 4. If 2 players received the same results, couples stay the same order as on a previous hole.
  1. After playing all the holes, players are counting clubs which were won from other players. One club counts 1 point.
  2. The player who won more clubs (received more points), WINS Pirate Golf Game.
  3. If players have the same number of points, they draw.
  4. To determine the winner, extra hole must be played “HOTSHOT”.
  1. To compensate the differences in players skill levels, use their handicaps. If the difference in handicap is 9 points, the player with the lower handicap will add one stroke to score in each hole.
  2. Differences can also neutralize Handicap starting the game with different tees.
  3. Decide together with the players which method to choose a or b
  1. All types of strokes are allowed, not only hitting by the head of the club. For example you may put the ball using club grip – pool style.
  2. What’s important, any contact between the club and the ball is counted as a hit.
  3. And the most important, enjoy the game … be Good Pirate.
Rock-Scissors-Paper is a simple hand game. The “ROCK” beats scissors, the “SCISSORS” beat paper and the “PAPER” beats rock; if both players show the same shape, try one more time.

Pirate Golf Rock Scissors Paper Game