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Squeeze more fun from your game.
Become a PIRATE – play Pirate Golf grab the club game.

This website is made for YOU and your golf friends. Take time to read more about Pirate Golf and …

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The Rules are simple.
Tactic is very important.
Play against your golf buddy,
and fight like a PIRATE

Check out the rules of the game of golf – Pirate golf game will allow you to discover the new skills. You begin to think differently. You’ll see that it does not matter what you have in your bag

But remember, it’s all for fun

Pirate Golf Rules

What we want to do?

We want to show that golfing can have one more face, crazy face.

Wypróbuj Pirate Golf na swoim ulubionym polu golfowym, ciesz się golfem z przyjaciółmi.

Write to us and tell us about your experiences during the golf round according to Pirate Golf rules.

We count on You, Join the CREW

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Pirate Golf

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