Squeeze more fun from your game.
Become a PIRATE – play Pirate Golf grab the club game.

This website is made for YOU and your golf friends. Take time to read more about Pirate Golf and …

Join the CREW

pirate golf crew

The Rules are simple.
Tactic is very important.
Play against your golf buddy,
and fight like a PIRATE

Check out the rules of the game of golf – Pirate golf game will allow you to discover the new skills. You begin to think differently. You’ll see that it does not matter what you have in your bag

But remember, it’s all for fun

What we want to do?

Our Crew want to build a Mini Driving Range open to all for free.
And We want to organize a free golf lessons for children and youth.

We want to be more and more golfers. But we do not have a place where they can train. Our dream is to create a place where anyone can start his golf fun. We also hope that this place manages to inspire others to build small golf objects where everyone will be able to start their own adventure with golf.

We count on the world of golf and We wish you have fun playing Pirate Golf Game.

Support Ours Dream

Buy a Pirate Golf T-Shirt and support Our idea to build mini driving range.

Pirate Golf

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FORE T-Shirt

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FORE T-Shirt FORE Pirate Golf T-Shirt. Perfect gift for Your golf Buddy ;o] Get new T-Shirt ... FORE

Grip Your Life

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Golf is not a game, it's a life style. New design "Grip Your Life" from Pirate Golf. Get new T-Shirt ... Grip Your Life

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New Golf T-shirt Design

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Golf T-shirt Design from Pirate Golf. Tee TIME. It is time to play Pirate Golf Game. Show This game to Your golf buddy. Have Fun playing. Read the Rules

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